Consulting services

AQUAOX provides clients a proven, cost-effective method to realize good hygiene and sanitation without usage of toxic chemicals by implementing Electrolyzed Water in production processes.

AQUAOX provide a variety of services for clients

that wish utilize a maximum of GREEN NATURAL
PRODUCTS in their facilities. We optimize  profitability and develop strategies to successfully implement renewable technologies.

AQUAOX promotes the usage of natural oxidants in water treatment, sanitation and food safety and helps clients determine where they can efficiently use HOCL as replacement of harmful chemicals currently used in water treatment, sanitation and food safety.

We have 18 years experience in a multitude of applications. This learned us it is not only important to purchase the right equipment, but to have knowledge how and at what dosage to apply Electrolyzed Water in order to get the desired results. Our clients consist of Original Equipment manufacturers, distributors, regulators and final users of HOCL.

AQUAOX successfully implements HOCL in any production process.

Washing food and produce with HOCL
Industrial and Commercial Systems

AQUAOX consults clients whilst purchasing ecological cleaning and sanitizing Systems. AQUAOX helps clients to determine what equipment to purchase in order save installation, operation -and service costs.

Having manufactured systems for the onsite production of HOCL for more than 15 years,  AQUAOX has experience to maximize your savings by offering you equipment that meet your requirements.

Clients can choose various capacities and models.
AQUAOX manufactures Industrial Systems capable of onsite generation of HOCL Solutions with 200 to 4000ppm strength and a capacity of 10 to 100gph.        

AQUAOX manufactures Commercial Systems that generate onsite HOCL solutions with 20 to 200ppm strength and a capacity of 10 to 100gph.

Contact AQUAOX to solve your client specific bactericidal problem by using the right equipment and by using the right procedures.

Disinfecting bottles with HOCL
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